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We are thrilled to share with you our latest additions, which we believe you will find informative and engaging. We invite you to browse through the fresh content that we have recently added to our website. Whether you are looking for advice, inspiration, or something to entertain you, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for. So, go ahead and explore the new pages on our site – we hope you enjoy them!

6 April 2024 – Redbubble Shop page.  I’ve now introduced some of my most popular products and designs from my Redbubble Shop so you can view them here before jumping to Redbubble to purchase.  I am only part way through this – so please keep visiting the Redbubble Shop page regularly to see more products and designs.

9 February 2024 – All pages have now been completed and are available on the website.

Updated Pages

23 April 2024 – I am continuing to add some of my most popular designs from my Redbubble Shop.  Please keep checking as you may find your favourite design.

11 April 2024 – I’ve added a section about Loch Glascarnoch – and how it came into existence.

9 February 2024 – All pages have now been updated and revamped.

New Collections

Updated Collections

This blog was originally published on:

16 January 2024

and subsequently modified on:  

23 April 2024