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Maryburgh Community Woodland Blogs

A bright rhododendron flower with a bee in one of its flowers.

Rhododendron Ponticum

I personally love these plants. They’re beautiful, showy and really make a massive splash of colour in the landscape. They are stunning. BUT. They are

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A snowy day with snow on the ground. The sunshine is hitting a tree and a structure beside the tree. The structure is also covered in snow.

A Snowy Woodland

There’s something truly magical about taking a winter walk through a snow-covered woodland. The Maryburgh Community Woodland is no exception, and after the first day

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I really like how the sunshine has worked its way through the woodland and has captured the trees in the foreground. But the white frost makes everything look as cold as it really was.

A Frosty Winter Day

Welcome to my photo gallery from the start of meteorological winter on 3 December 2023! Despite the freezing temperatures of -9.1°C (the day had a

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This is a digitised photo of a hypericum plant. The leaves are coloured in dark pinks and oranges with highlights of white. the flowers are a warm, vibrant pink with deep blue highlights.

Alternative Photos

Welcome to our gallery of “alternative” digital art photos of the Maryburgh Community Woodland! Our intention was to capture the essence of the woodland in

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Image of the map of the woodland showing the different types of markers - some are flowers, others trees or items of interest.

Woodland Map

I have placed markers on this map to indicate the area where I have found different plant species.  There are also markers for the locations

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This is one of my favourite images. I really like how the sunshine is braking through the trees and in the mid-distance is really brightening the woodland floor, and catching its uneven surface. The sunshine is also catching the yellow and brown leaves and they look as if they are on fire the colour is so strong and vibrant. In the foreground we see that the trees have nearly lost all their leaves and are looking very structural.

Autumn Colours

A wet summer continued into an even wetter autumn but one morning we had sunshine, showers and lovely light. So I thought I’d wander out

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A stunning bright yellow flower which looks as if each of its petals have been serrated. In amongst each of the petals are Pollen Beetles. I have counted about 15 or 16 of these tiny little beetles.


While wandering around, taking photos, I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate them into a series of short videos showing the plants,

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Family Groups

As I was identifying all the plants I realised that several of them were in the same family – but the individual plants were very

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What surprised me about the fungi in the Maryburgh Community Woodland was that there were fruits for much of the year.  Most started to appear

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There is a tree trunk which has a manmade bushcraft structure attached to it. The tree has a natural curve and the structure is created to make the most of that curve. The structure itself looks like a small teepee which has been made out of small branches, twigs and leaves.

Interesting Items

As I’m wandering through the woodland I am continually finding new and interesting things. Some reflect human impacts on the woods, others the impacts of

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This is a stunning vibrant yellow sulphur polypore which is growing at the junction between a cut limb and the trunk of an oak tree. There are several layers on the polypore.

The Natives

This blog entry will be updated during the year as plants come into season. This blog was originally published on:    and subsequently modified on:  

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This is the lush native habitat as it was in May 2023. The great woodrush has the remains of its flowerheads, the trees are all in leaf, there are many more groundcover plants and the sun is shining through the tree canopy.

Different Habitats

  It’s really interesting taking a walk through the woodland as you immediately come across different habitats. I’ll be looking at the two main habitats

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A gorgeous lilac flowerhead which is made up of individual lilac flowers. The sun is shining on the flowerhead.

Alien Invaders

This blog entry will be updated during the year as plants come into season. What’s a Native and What’s an Alien? As I’ve been wandering

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I love this image of one of the very large pieces of trunk from the sitka. We see the normal trunk but where there were branches we see triangular shapes of wood in a much lighter colour.

Goodbye Old Friends

Before the community purchased the woodland they had to have a safety survey carried out.  This was carried out by A & R Woodland Consultants

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A photo of a pavement bounded on the left hand side with a grass bank with autumn coloured trees behind. The woodland stretches into the distance. There is a sign. The insert on the photo shows the sign says: For Sale By auction, Amenity Land 3.4ha (8.4ac) approx and contact details

A New Dawn

Last year I decided that I needed some focus (excuse the pun) to my photography. I thought I’d try something that I’ve been planning for

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This blog was originally published on:

17 January 2024

and subsequently modified on:  

2 February 2024