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Autumn Colours

Old boots hanging beside a wooden background. Each boot contains a plant
The old boots

I guess it’s that time of year when we’re getting ready to wave goodbye to summer and still awaiting winter. But autumn has its own glories and I was reminded of that on a recent walk round the Botanic Gardens in Inverness. If you haven’t been – GO! From the outside it looks really small, and looking at the size of the space it takes up you would be mistaken for thinking it wouldn’t contain much. Think again. They have really successfully managed to make the most from the space. In fact, this will probably be one of a series of blogs about the gardens – this is the outside bit – but I’ll be covering the indoor greenhouses separately.

The Old Boots

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that these places are staid and a bit boring – not here. There’s always some quirky little corner that always triggers good ideas – and a smile. This is just that corner – what a brilliant way to use some old boots. Last time I visited it was fizzy drinks bottles. Always a good source of inspiration on what to do with left over “stuff”.

The Rock Garden

We nearly missed out the rock garden. This is one of these gardens where there are lots of little paths leading here, there and everywhere. At the front it had all these lovely heathers and behind a lovely colourful rock garden.


Too often I forget that the colour doesn’t just come from flowers or foliage – it can be there in the bark of a tree too. These are 2 lovely examples of these. What a shade of reddish brown, it looked like someone had been out polishing it to a deep sheen. That contrasted beautifully with the 3 white trunks.

From one area in the garden you can see so many different colours. There were still a lot of the summer border flowers in full bloom, but the autumn colours were starting to creep in. So this had the lovely effect of increasing the colour palette of the garden.


I’ve not had a lot of luck growing dahlias probably because our garden is so wet that it rots the tubers. So I took full advantage of photographing these beauties. Perhaps I’ll pick up on their idea of growing these in pots rather than in the soil.

Once we completed the tour of the outside gardens we then enjoyed very different environments in the glass houses. But that’s for another post…….

Inverness Botanic Gardens –

This blog was originally published on:

22 September 2017

and subsequently modified on:  

10 February 2024