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Looking west to snow covered mountains
Looking west to snow covered mountains

Hi, Willow here. Do you remember in my last blog entry I told you about the thinning of the woodland? As its Saturday, and my hu-mum has been very good, I’ve decided to let her go for a walk without me. But, I instructed her to take her camera, and to go into the woods and to get a photo of the wood cutting machine.

Well she back now, and seems to have had a great walk – apparently she met lots of lovely dogs and humans. As we’ve had a bit of snow this week, and it’s been really frosty I noticed that she took some photos of the mountains. These are looking west towards Contin.

The tree cutting machines

She also remembered to take the photos as I instructed. One of the cutting mechanism, and other photo is of the two machines that are now working in the woods. I’ve inspected the first photo and I think the red machine lifts and stacks the wood before it’s taken out of the woodland.

Tree cutting equipment
Tree cutting equipment
Cutting mechanism from one of the woodcutting machines
Cutting mechanism from one of the woodcutting machines

White fluffy water

She was also very excited about one of her other photos. Apparently my humans were watching a program this week about trees. In it they showed what happens when a rotting bit of wood is composted in woodland – it excretes water, which if it’s cold, then freezes and forms a fluffy looking coating on the wood. Well my hu-mum was so excited that she managed to get a photo of the white fluffy water. Of course, me being a dog, have seen this many times.

Well, I’ve got to go now but before I do I’ve want to say a very happy New Year to all of you, I hope you all enjoy 2018.

White threads of ice coming from a stick
Hair ice coming from a stick

This blog was originally published on:

30 December 2017

and subsequently modified on:  

27 January 2024