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Alternative Perspectives

A different view of the world

Welcome to our website, where we showcase breathtaking photography that offers a unique and diverse perspective of our world. Each stunning image on our website has been carefully curated to bring you closer to a world you may have never seen before. We invite you to explore our galleries and experience the world through a different lens. Check back often for new additions and join us on this visual journey of discovery.

Featured Projects

The Maryburgh Community Woodland photo collection is a stunning set of images that beautifully captures the natural beauty of the Scottish countryside.  We also have the Maryburgh Community Woodland blog section which concentrates on the many items of interest within the woodland.

Experience the enchanting world of digital art and discover the beauty of nature like never before!


Come explore the Maryburgh Community Woodland through our blog series! Our immersive experience takes you on a journey through the year, showcasing the many plants that emerged throughout the seasons. From wildflowers bursting with color in the spring to the rich hues of autumn leaves, our photos and descriptions provide an in-depth look at the diverse ecosystem found within our woodland. Visiting our blog will not only be an educational experience, but it will also inspire you to appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of conservation. Join us on this remarkable journey and discover the unique and captivating world of the Maryburgh Community Woodland.

This plant has large green leaves and much smaller tubular flowers. The flowers are a creamy colour. There is a bumble bee feeding from one of the plants.
A flowerhead which consists of a feathery base containing pink and purple flower head which looks similar to a thistle. On the left hand side of the photo is a hoverfly which has just landed on the flower. The body of the hoverfly has pale cream bands and yellow and dark brown bands. The brown and yellow bands make a v-shape and cut into the cream band.

Are you curious about Electric Vehicles (EVs)? Want to learn more about what it’s like to own and drive one? Then our blog series “The EV and Me” is perfect for you! We explore various features of EVs such as their range, charging options, and performance. We also share our personal experiences and thoughts on owning an EV. Whether you’re considering purchasing an EV or just want to learn more, our blog series will provide valuable insights and information. Join us on this journey as we discover the benefits and joys of driving an electric vehicle.

Photo of our ID.3 next to the Drovers Statue at Dingwall Mart and looking over onto the Black Isle

If you love dogs and stories of hope and resilience, we invite you to check out our Wander With Willow blog series. Willow, our tri-pawd Labrador, shows us that a disability doesn’t have to hold you back from living a fulfilling life filled with adventure and joy. Despite losing her leg to a mast-cell tumour, she continues to explore the great outdoors with enthusiasm and spirit. Our positive and uplifting blogs showcase the fun and heartwarming experiences we’ve had with Willow, and we hope they inspire you to embrace your own challenges and obstacles with the same determination and positivity. Join us on our journey with Willow and discover the beauty of living life to the fullest, no matter what hurdles may come our way.

Willow the fox red labrador face
Willow the fox red Labrador at the edge of the path - very muddy

Welcome to our Out and About blog series where we take you on a virtual tour of some of the most spectacular locations throughout Scotland. Join us as we explore and capture stunning photos of the country’s diverse landscapes, from the rugged mountains in the highlands to the serene beaches in the north east. Our blog serves as a travel guide for those who are interested in discovering new places and seeking adventure. Get a glimpse of Scotland’s rich history, culture and natural beauty through our detailed accounts of our experiences, and let it inspire you to plan your own adventure. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Scotland!

Welcome to our Garden Exploits series of blogs! We invite you to join us on our journey of transforming our back and side gardens from an undefined mess into a beautiful outdoor space that we are proud of. Our hard work has resulted in a compartmentalised side garden with a delightful patio area, and a stunning back garden featuring a large pond. We share our experience and knowledge on choosing the right plants for your garden, dividing and separating garden areas, the joy of working with water features, and much more. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, our Garden Exploits series has something for everyone. So, grab a cup of tea and join us as we share our gardening journey!

Gable end of house on right with a really unkept garden
Looking towards the front, table and chair on left arch and 2 planters mid screen and gate in background


Maryburgh Community Woodland

If you love nature and enjoy exploring the wonders of a woodland, then you shouldn’t miss our Maryburgh Community Woodland collection. Our photo gallery features an impressive collection of captivating images that showcase the beauty and diversity of this wonderful woodland. From towering trees and colourful wildflowers to tiny insects, our collection captures the essence of this natural wonderland. Whether you’re an experienced nature enthusiast or a curious newbie, there’s something here for everyone. Come and take a stroll with us through the Maryburgh Community Woodland collection and get inspired by the beauty of nature. You won’t be disappointed!

This is one of my favourite images. I really like how the sunshine is braking through the trees and in the mid-distance is really brightening the woodland floor, and catching its uneven surface. The sunshine is also catching the yellow and brown leaves and they look as if they are on fire the colour is so strong and vibrant. In the foreground we see that the trees have nearly lost all their leaves and are looking very structural.
Where is that train rushing too? What adventures await its passengers? A train crossing the Culloden Viaduct.

Welcome to our Made By Humans collection – a fascinating display of various human-built structures waiting to be explored. From ruined castles to elegant viaducts, pleasure boats to iconic cairns, this collection offers a glimpse into human ingenuity and creativity. Come and immerse yourself in the history and cultural significance of each structure, as well as the engineering marvels that made them possible. You’ll be inspired by the sheer scale and beauty of these impressive handiworks created by our ancestors. So, whether you are a curious tourist, a lover of architecture, or just looking for a unique and enriching experience, join us in exploring the wonders of the Made By Humans collection.

Welcome to our Growee Things collection, where you can explore breathtaking photographs capturing the beauty of various plants and flowers. From  delicate wildflowers to lush garden plants and shimmering sphagnum moss, we have captured nature’s bounty in its full glory. These stunning images showcase the intricate details, vivid colors, and natural settings of the plants in every season. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, an aspiring photographer, or simply appreciate the beauty of flora, our Growee Things collection is a treat for your eyes. Come and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of plants, and discover the magic of nature through our lenses.

You're walking through the garden, and then your feet lead you to a path. Before you even look at the path you smell the heady scent of lavender. There bordering each side of the path are masses of by lavender plants, and the path leads you to a garden bench.
While out for a walk along a beach I came across the most wonderful piece of geology which I had to photograph. This is a piece of rock which is built up by a sequence of different rock layers, giving a range of colours. The rocks have then been tilted. This design is a slice of geology taken from a rock formation (the Rosemarkie Metamorphic Complex) at Rosemarkie beach in the Scottish Highlands. Doesn’t nature give us the most amazing things?

Nature lovers, take a moment to immerse yourselves in our captivating Nature Made This collection of photographs. This collection showcases the beautiful wonders of nature, including stunning rivers, peaceful lochs, a hidden pond, and remarkable geological features. Each photo is a testament to the raw and untamed beauty of our planet, leaving you in awe and appreciation of our natural world. Whether you seek to escape the city’s hustle and bustle or just want to expand your horizons, take a tour of Nature Made This – your one-stop destination for unique and breathtaking natural images. Plan your visit today and witness the mesmerizing power and magnificence of Mother Nature!

Come and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of our Fur and Feathers collection, where we have curated an exquisite selection of photographs featuring dogs and birds. Get lost in the details and marvel at the stunning photographs that are sure to leave you in awe. Whether you are an animal lover or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, our Fur and Feathers collection is not to be missed. So, come on over, and witness the magic of these magnificent creatures through our lens.

Two puffins rubbing their beaks together
Design: Scottish Words In A Saltire

Step into a world of imagination and creativity with our Now For Something Different collection. This collection boasts a unique mix of digital art that speaks to a variety of interests. From Scotland themed to intricate pet themed designs, there’s something here for everyone. And for those who love a touch of sci-fi in their art, this collection won’t disappoint. Each piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail and a passion for pushing the boundaries of digital art. So why not take a break from the mundane and explore our Now For Something Different collection today? You never know what hidden gem you might find.

Discover the unrivaled beauty of our Flower Inspired Digital Art collection, brimming with an array of stunning succulents, resplendent rhododendrons, picturesque red campion, delicate lilies, and a harmonious blend of blooming spring and autumn flowers. Embark on a journey through nature’s wonderland and immerse yourself in the bewitching allure of our exquisite masterpieces.

Vibrant blue and lilac coloured lilies on a white background. These are a digitally modified photograph.

Explore our exclusive Animal and Bird inspired digital art collection featuring a diverse range of captivating images. Whether you are drawn to the majestic power of lynxes, camels, and tigers or the graceful beauty of high-flying birds, our collection is sure to inspire and enchant you.

Bison In a Colour Storm
Design: Duncansby Head In An Alternative Reality

Join Willow, our brave and adventurous tripod Labrador Retriever, as she navigates through spectacular and surreal Scottish landscapes, infused with futuristic, sci-fi inspired artwork. Embark on an out-of-this-world journey in other locations Willow han’t reached yet, and immerse yourself in a truly unique blend of art and imagination.